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This tutorial shows how to do a rail spring, demonstrated by our glamorous assistant rob. Although the move isn't actually carried out on a rail, the same principles are involved


This move should be taken at a fair pace but not too fast as this could end in over rotation. As you are approaching take a slight skip into the move as this helps transfer your momentum . when at this stage you should already be looking where to place your hands.


Your feet should be slightly apart as this makes your momentum easier to transfer onto your hands. Your hands should be going down to the spot you picked out on approach


Your hands should now be placed down about shoulder width apart, in the same motion you should kick upwards with your most dominant leg.


Both feet now off the floor, keep forcing you leading leg upwards as this is the key to rotation, your other leg should be following. You are now looking to try and get you weight onto your hands. To do this you should try and get your shoulders over your hands


When your shoulders are above your hands bring your legs slightly closer to the body(This isn't totally necessary but helps if you are doing the move for the first couple of times), not too much as this would cause you to over rotate and end up with a rearranged face on the other side.


Your momentum should have carried your weight over your hands and you should now think about landing, extend legs if they arn't already, and allow slight flex in your hands as you will need to push with them.


A push with your hands is neccesary here to make sure that the object that the rail spring is down on, is completly cleared. After you have pushed with your hands, your head should start to look downwards to see where your landing, (if your head looks down too early then this again, could result in over rotation). Your body should be slightly tilted backwards as well as this helps absorb the momentum and helps you to regain balance.


Bend legs slightly as this absorbs impact and allows a smooth follow on for either a roll, or simply keep running